Cactus Bloom, Acrylic on Canvas,  24”x24”  $1500

High Country Llama, Acrylic on Canvas,  16”x20”  $1000 SOLD

Jackrabbit Peak, Acrylic on Canvas,  24”x12”  $1000   SOLD

Mountain Blue Jay, Acrylic on Canvas,  20”x16”  $1000

Pelirroja, Acrylic on Canvas,  18”x14”  $800

Rain Bear, Acrylic on Canvas,  24”x18”  $1200

Wanderer’s Creek, Acrylic on Canvas,  16”x16”  $950

Zaftig Magpie, Acrylic on Canvas,  16”x20”  $1000

Cactus Jackrabbit, Acrylic on Canvas,  16”x20”  $1000

Howling Moon, Acrylic on Canvas,  20”x10”  $900

Cardinal With Haiku,  Acrylic on Canvas,  24”x20”  $1500

Girasol del Canon,  Acrylic on Canvas,  18”x14”  $850

Mockingbird With Haiku,  Acrylic on Canvas,  30”x40”  $2000

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For purchase and shipping  information, please call or text WOW! Gallery at 505-466-1225

I was raised outside of a small town in Northeast Texas and I was inspired by the wide-open space that surrounded me. 

That connection to space is the catalyst for my work. My paintings reflect an interest in the landscape and the inhabitants and mythologies that accompany it. They give me the opportunity to explore representational and abstract subjects. 

I begin with a dark underpainting and define the form by applying layers using lighter tonal values, to achieve a representation of light defining form.