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For purchase and shipping  information, please call or text WOW! Gallery at 505-466-1225

Blue Dog Ponders a Puzzling Problem, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $450  SOLD

Chance Encounter and Potential Romance, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $450

Dreaming of Chaco, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $450

The Problem With Ordering Seeds by Mail, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $500  SOLD

Who’s Got Mail, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $450

Pueblo In Strange Light, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $450 SOLD

Mending Fences, Watercolor, 8”x10”  $450  SOLD

My style has always been whimsical Surrealism. In fact, it has often been called “Disney meets Dali”.

Photography allows me to capture the beauty of the real world, so when I pick up a brush, I am inspired to explore worlds that are mostly in my imagination.

My art is narrative, and the stories my paintings tell are very important to me - even if the story is a different one for you.

My true love has always been watercolor - used in my own non-traditional way, but I have recently been moved to paint on canvas and have been exploring the possibilities of acrylic as a vehicle to expand my imaginary world.