Nosey Bear, Acrylic on Canvas, 20”x20”  $800

Mosey Along, Acrylic/Oilstick  on Canvas, 9”x12”  $220   SOLD

Hello Hare Acrylic on Canvas,  10”x20”  $400   SOLD

Fiesta In the Air,  Acrylic on Canvas,  16”x20”  $640

On Guard,  Acrylic on Canvas,  24”x24”  $1150

Skull With Pink,  Acrylic on Canvas,  9”x12”  $220

Kaleidoscope Bear,  Acrylic on Canvas,  11”x14”  $310

Elk Song,  Acrylic on Canvas,  20”x24”  $960

Owl Whisperer,  Acrylic on Canvas,  18”x24”  $865

Hawk’s Night Out,  Acrylic on Canvas,  20”x16”  $640

Pink Bear,  Acrylic on Canvas,  24”x24”  $1150

An Elk Sighting,  Acrylic on Canvas,  12”x9”  $220

Wicked Fast,  Acrylic on Canvas,  20”x16”  $640

Nosey Bear,  Acrylic on Canvas,  20”x20”  $800

Blue Moon,  Acrylic on Canvas,  12”x9”  $220

Red Ears,  Acrylic on Canvas,  12”12”  $290

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For purchase and shipping  information, please call or text WOW! Gallery at 505-466-1225

I usually have an idea or  pre-concieved notion of what I want to paint. It includes an image or a vision and perhaps even a color palette that gives me direction. That, plus my intuition and imagination - including the light, the tone and even the season. 

I always attempt to paint the spirit of the animals I've represented as well. It doesn't always work that way however. 

Sometimes the brush takes me down an entirely different pathway and even I am surprised at the finished piece.