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Fused Glass Wish Dish with Sterling Silver Stars, Midnight Blue   

Price:  $30.00 

The Wish Dish is an original idea from WOW! Gallery. Although dresser dishes are commonly used for jewelry, pocket change, etc., we use them without much thought.

How much better to be mindful of that moment and use it to make a wish - or reinforce an intention.

Our Wish Dishes are 5 inches square, with gentle, sloped edges, and are made by firing glass layers and sterling silver through two kiln cycles.

Each Wish Dish is made to order for you, will take 4-6 days to ship, and will vary slightly from the sample shown. We will start with the same color glass, but every piece is different and can further express itself even further during firing. The silver also does its thing and never does exactly the same thing twice.

Wish Dishes make the perfect gift for any occasion and for friends, family, and co-workers.

Each dish comes with a gift card explaining the concept.